Ophthalmic Health Comes First

We provide NHS funded eye examinations to everyone in Scotland. This means that an eye exam is free to the patient, when seen within NHS set recalls or when presenting with a visual problem. As part of this service, we will check for any sign of eye disease and refract your eyes to ascertain the need for glasses. This is tailored further to advise on the lenses most adequate, to satisfy your visual needs  in your daily life. We also fit and supply contact lenses to fit your lifestyle.

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Taking Care of You

We will investigate urgently any signs and symptoms you may be having that constitute an emergency. We can refer any serious problem directly to the Hospital Eye Service or to your GP for further evaluation and treatment.

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The Care They Deserve

Completing the Professional Certificate in Paediatric Eye Care has helped me to give the best care possible to children's eyes and vision. Clinical settings can be daunting for a young child and my aim is always to make the visit as easy as possible. This is the critical time in a someones life in respect to vision. The visual system matures and standards of vision set in around the first seven years of life. Quite often children may not know they have a visual issue, as they have nothing to compare to.

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Helping Solve Your Problems

At Clearvue, we are able to remove most foreign bodies, alleviating the need for a hospital visit. Lacrimal irrigation is also possible to differentially diagnose the cause of a unilateral watering eye. Troublesome in-turning lashes can also be removed quite easily, which can commonly be the cause of a foreign body sensation.

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